Slotcar Raceway: Come Race with us in North East, Pa ! (Classifieds)


Available at the raceway:
Popcorn (we have the microwave) $1 per pack (regular and kettle corn varieties)
Pop (several varieties) $1 per can (ice cold from our refrigerator)
Starter Kits $139.99 for a boxed kit with the following items:
car chassis, car body, motor, controller, tools, oil, set-up block, apron embroidered with our logo, nice carrying case with handle, etc.
Scale Auto Racing Magazines We have an assortment of these magazines
slot car chassis New and used chassis for all classes from multiple manufacturers
slot car bodies New and used bodies for all classes from multiple manufacturers.  Currently, we have bodies which list for $12 on sale for $8 each while our supply lasts.
slot car motors New motors for all classes from multiple manufacturers
controllers New controllers from multiple manufacturers
car body paint We have an assortment of spray paints for your slot car body
motor cleaner We have spray cans of motor cleaner
soldering irons We have soldering irons and kits
tools We have tools and tool kits
tires, epoxy, etc. We have tires, expoxy, and other odds & ends too
We carry an assortment of parts and tools  
Anything else? If we don't have it, we can get it !

Food & Beverage:
(just steps away from the front stairway door)
Subway at 19 East Main Street (814) 725-8773  (open until 10:00 pm)
La Casa De Pizza at 13 East Main Street (814) 725-9713

Classified Ads from our regular patrons:
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